NTPC Invites Bids to Appoint QCA for its Floating Solar Project at Ramagundam

NTPC Limited has invited bids for the appointment of a qualified coordinating agency (QCA) for the floating solar project at its thermal power plant in Ramagundam, Telangana.

The QCA is responsible for forecasting, scheduling, and settling deviation charges for solar generators with the system operator.

The last date to submit the bids is March 14, 2022. Bids will be opened on March 16.

Interested bidders will not have to submit any earnest money deposit to participate in the bidding process.

The successful bidder will have to furnish an amount equivalent to 3% of the contract value as the performance bank guarantee.

The contract period will be for 12 months from the date of the award of the contract order.

Scope of work

The selected agency will deliver a day-ahead forecast with a granularity of 15 minutes of the average expected generation for the pooling station or a pooled capacity.

The QCA will have to deliver up to 16 intra-day forecasts with a granularity of 15 minutes of the average expected generation for the generating station for a pooled capacity.

Also, it will deliver seven-day-ahead forecasts with a granularity of 15 minutes of average expected generation or as required by the applicable regulations.

NTPC will provide the static, real‐time generation, and available capacity data of the 10 MW solar project.

The QCA will provide day‐ahead,  intra‐day, and week-ahead schedules for the 10 MW solar project to the regional load despatch center (RLDC) or state load despatch center (SLDC) as required under the DSM regulations.

The agency will maintain detailed records of actual generation data as provided through the SCADA system or meter. The methodology for de-pooling will be applicable as agreed and communicated to the agency.

After receiving the required information, the QCA will coordinate with the relevant authority to reconcile energy accounts with actual generation and scheduled generation. If any discrepancy is observed, the agency should inform NTPC within three working days and seven days to the relevant authority. Further, if any dispute arises during the de-pooling process, such a dispute will be resolved with a mutual agreement of the party and other generators connected to the pooling station or part of the pooled capacity per the dispute resolution mechanism.

NTPC has stated that preference will be given to micro and small enterprise (MSE) suppliers.

Any bidder from a country that shares a land border with India will be eligible to bid in this tender only if it is registered with the competent authority.

Recently, NTPC invited bids from consultancy firms to conduct site surveys for exploring the potential to develop solar photovoltaic (PV) projects at its Tanda Thermal Power Project in Ambedkar Nagar, Uttar Pradesh.

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