To meet rising demand, Finnish environmental and industrial measurement company Vaisala, through its subsidiary 3TIER India, is adding new personnel to its staff as it responds to steadily growing demand for its renewable energy services and measurement equipment in the Indian wind and solar sectors.

3TIER India has relocated to a new, larger headquarters in Bangalore for the expansion and by the end of 2017, the firm expects to double the capacity of its team in a 12-month period.

This investment will enable Vaisala to increase regional sales and production capabilities, further enhancing its end-to-end resource risk management services for Indian renewable energy developers, operators, and investors.

Vaisala has worked on more than 50 GW of wind and solar projects, to date, in India, and points out that the market is still developing. According to Mercom Solar Funding and M&A Report, Vaisala acquired 3TIER for approximately $15 million in 2013.

“The Indian solar and wind sectors are growing more competitive day by day, which in turn is underlining the value of the services we bring to the market,” said Rajni Umakanthan, managing director of 3TIER India.

According to the company, as India transitions to an auction-based system, the need for bidders to have reliable and accurate information is growing more acute. Developers must know the amount of energy their assets will produce to bid with confidence in this competitive market.

The unprecedented growth in capacity and market competition is driving demand for a full range of independent resource analysis services that not only facilitate efficient and reliable site prospecting and development, but also enable the industry to surmount operational and grid integration challenges.

Vaisala’s competitors in the market are Solargis and Meteonorm.

Image Credit: Vaisala