MNRE De-empanels Rooftop Partners

MNRE De-Empanels 26 Rooftop Installers for One Year

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has de-empaneled 26 firms and agencies active in the rooftop solar sector in India. The MNRE re-instated 45 rooftop installers that were ...
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RelyOn Solar

26.9 MW of Small Solar Tenders Announced in India

Over 26.9 MW of solar tenders were announced in India during the week ending September 08, 2017, from 36.4 MW of solar tenders unveiled a week earlier. The largest tender ...
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Railway Station

Vivaan Solar to Develop 1.5 MW Solar Rooftop Project at Jhansi Railway Station

Vivaan Solar will develop the 1.5 MW solar rooftop system at the Jhansi Railway Station. The company quoted a tariff of Rs.5.64 (~$0.0844)/kWh and the project is expected to be ...
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World Bank

World Bank Approves $22.93 Million Grant for Grid-Connected Solar Rooftop

The World Bank has approved a global environment facility (GEF) grant of $22.93 million (~Rs.1.55 billion) to enhance the installed capacity of grid-connected rooftop solar PV (GRPV) and strengthen the ...
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Chandigarh Administration Provides Incentives to Spur Rooftop Installations

Chandigarh Administration Provides Incentives to Spur Rooftop Installations

The Administration of Union Territory (UT) of Chandigarh is providing incentives to spur rooftop installations by private developers. The Chandigarh administration has targeted rooftop installation goal of 50 MW by ...
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