SECI Auctions 1,000 MW Wind

Wind Tariff of Rs.3.46 (~$0.051)/Unit Discovered in India

The Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) successfully auctioned 1,000 MW of wind in India. This was the first time that competitive bidding was conducted in the country to award wind power projects.

We received an overwhelming response for the wind tender, stated a SECI official. SECI received technical bids aggregating 2,600 MW for the 1,000 MW capacity. Five companies quoted the same low bid of Rs.3.46 (~$0.051)/unit for project capacities of 250 MW each, added the SECI official.

Mytrah, Green Infra, Inox Wind and Ostro Energy each won 250 MW projects quoting Rs.3.46 (~$0.051)/unit. Other quotes included, Adani with Rs.3.46 (~$0.051)/unit, Renew Power with Rs.3.47 (~$0.0519)/unit, Gamesa with Rs.3.68 (~$0.055)/unit, Surya Vidyut with Rs.3.75 (~$0.056)/unit, ReGen with Rs.3.85 (~$0.057)/unit and Leap Green quoted Rs.3.92 (~$0.058)/unit, stated the SECI official.

Adani quoted the same price as other bidders, but the first four bids of Rs.3.46 (~$0.051)/unit accounted for the entire 1,000 MW tendered, hence Adani could not win bid to develop 250 MW wind project, added the SECI official. The official also said that the projects will be constructed in Tamil Nadu and Gujarat. More capacity will be tendered if there is requirement and interest shown.

The winning bids did not reach country’s lowest tariff. Previously, in Tamil Nadu wind power was being traded at a tariff of Rs.3.39 (~$0.050)/unit and in Kerala at a tariff of Rs.3.14 (~$0.047)/unit.

Image Credit: By Yahoo! Blog from Sunnyvale, California, USA (DSCF3482274.jpg) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons