Lowest Tariffs Drops to ₹1.38/kWh in Madhya Pradesh’s 8.6 MW Rooftop Solar Auction

The Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC) has allowed a 1.36 MW rooftop solar project the required connectivity to the grid. The MERC was responding to a petition filed by Supreme Industries Ltd.

The company had filed a petition regarding the forceful isolation of a 1.36 MW rooftop solar PV project for captive use, connected with an internal bus of 415 V.

The petitioner had requested the MERC to direct Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd (MSEDCL) to allow the restoration of 1.36 MW solar power generation for self-use in the same premises at LT 415V level. It had also requested the commission’s permission to add more capacity of captive solar PV power generation up to 5 MW to connect at LT 415V, after taking all the precautions to avoid reverse flow of power to the grid.

Supreme Industries had also requested the MERC to direct the MSEDCL to compensate for the loss suffered due to illegal instructions for the isolation of captive solar project of capacity 1.36 MW.

While examining the petition, the MERC observed that the existing provisions of the net metering and open access regulations do not permit the relief sought and this case does not fall under the purview of the existing regulations.

The commission further noted that same relief cannot be granted under two different regulations, there is a need to revisit this issue holistically through framing a new set of regulations after following a consultation process.

The MERC also noted that the technical issues with the grid connectivity at low tension (LT) level of co-located solar PV projects and its financial impact on the distribution licensees need to be addressed. Parameters for grid security for connecting solar projects for captive use beyond the point of supply of consumer would need to be evolved after detailed deliberations with the stakeholders.

The MERC has now directed MSEDCL to desist from any action against the petitioner and allow connectivity to 1.36 MW rooftop solar PV project at LT internal bus. It has also stated that any further expansion beyond 1.36 MW by the petitioner is allowed but it will be at its own risk, cost and subject to adherence to safety norms.

Recently, the MERC issued an order saying that it will initiate a public consultative process to amend the net-metering regulations and frame new ones for dealing with issues related to grid-connected renewable energy sources.