India’s Solar Market Share Leaders for First Half of 2018 Revealed

India saw a significant increase in new large-scale solar PV tenders announced with over 22 GW of mega solar tenders announced in the year 2018. According to Mercom’s India Solar Tender Tracker, over 40 GW of large-scale solar projects were tendered in 2018.

Here is a quick glance at all the gigawatt solar tenders issued through the year 2018:

7.5 GW Solar Tender by SECI: The Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) issued a tender for the development of 7.5 GW of grid-connected solar power projects as part of MNRE’s scheme approved by Government of India for setting up of 23 GW Solar PV Projects in Leh and Kargil regions in Jammu & Kashmir.

2 GW by NTPC: In March 2018, National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) tendered a total of 2 GW of grid-connected solar projects to be developed across the country and the tariffs quoted in the auction held in August 2018 ranged between ₹2.59 – 2.60 (~$0.0372 – 0.0373)/kWh.

2 GW by SECI: SECI tendered 2 GW of ISTS connected solar capacity in January 2018, for which the auction was held in July 2018. The lowest tariff quoted by ACME Solar was ₹2.44 (~$0.0355)/kWh and the tariffs ranged between ₹2.44 -2.54 (~$0.0355 – 0.0370)/kWh.

1.4 GW by MSEDCL: In September 2018, Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd. (MSEDCL) floated a tender to develop 1.4 GW of solar projects in 30 circles of the state. While 50 MW of solar projects will be developed in 26 circles, 25 MW of solar projects will be developed in 4 circles.

1.2 GW by NTPC: In November 2018, NTPC tendered 1.2 GW of ISTS-connected solar PV projects to be developed in the western region of the country. In the tender, the NTPC stated that the projects will be developed near NTPC switchyards.

1.2 GW Hybrid Tender by SECI: In June 2018, SECI tendered 2.5 GW of ISTS-connected wind and solar hybrid projects to be developed across the country. Later, the capacity was reduced to 1.2 GW. Since the tender was undersubscribed by 150 MW, SECI auctioned only 80 percent of the bid capacity.

1.2 GW by KREDL: In January 2018, Karnataka Renewable Energy Development Limited (KREDL) tendered 1.2 GW of grid-connected solar PV projects to be developed at Pavagada Solar Park, in Karnataka’s Tumkur district. However, KREDL was able to auction merely 550 MW of the tendered capacity in April 2018 and retendered the remaining 650 MW capacity.

1.2 GW by SECI: On the last day of the year 2018, SECI issued a tender to setup 1.2 GW of ISTS connected solar PV power projects (ISTS-III).

1.2 GW hybrid tender by SECI: On the same day of announcement, SECI also issued another tender to develop 1.2 GW of ISTS-connected wind solar hybrid power projects (tranche-II).

1 GW by MSEDCL: In April 2018, MSEDCL retendered 1 GW of grid-connected solar PV projects in order to meet its Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) which was initially floated in December 2017. Lowest tariff of ₹2.71 (~$0.0401)/kWh was quoted in the auction held in May 2018.

1 GW by MSEDCL: In April 2018, MSEDCL tendered 1 GW of solar PV projects to be developed under the Mukhyamantri Saur Krushi Vahini Yojana.

1 GW by MSEDCL (Phase-II): MSEDCL issued a tender for 1 GW of solar projects under the Maharashtra Solar Policy with a ceiling tariff of ₹2.80 (~$0.039)/kWh in December 2018.

1 GW Floating Solar by MSEDCL: In the same month, MSEDCL issued another tender to develop 1 GW of floating solar PV power project on Ujjani dam in Solapur district, setting the upper tariff limit at ₹3 (~$0.043)/kWh.

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is a Research Associate at Mercom India. Prior to Mercom, Pratheeksha was an Associate Analyst at GlobalData where she authored and published syndicated research reports in the power generation industry. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Electrical & Electronics from PESITM and Master’s degree in Electrical Power Systems from the Adichunchanagiri Institute of Technology at VTU University.