Goldi Solar Launches New Corporate Identity at REI-2018

Goldi Green Technologies has launched their new corporate identity at REI 2018. The name of the company has been changed to Goldi Solar Pvt Ltd.

Goldi’s PV module manufacturing capacity is currently 500 MW and the company plans to increase that to 1 GW in the near future. “The expansion plans of the company are in the advanced stage of completion and the company plans to increase production by the next financial year,” said Mr Bharat Bhut, director of Goldi Solar. The company is also exploring high-efficiency PERC cell manufacturing in India.

“The current scene unfolding before us is quite dramatic and to some extent encouraging,” said Mr Chetan Shah, director. “The Safeguard Duty will impact the industry in a positive manner in the long run. The domestic industry will see a boom in coming months due to sliding module prices; the sourcing of modules from other countries will get diverted to the domestic manufacturers. Goldi has placed itself strategically in a manner that it becomes a win-win situation for all stakeholders – be it customer, government, or Goldi. Our change in name from Goldi Green to Goldi Solar, which is more visible and impactful, is one of a few steps in a series of developments to strengthen Goldi’s position in the global market,” he added.

Mr. Ishver Dholakiya, MD of Goldi Solar said, “Goldi started with a small footprint of a 10 MW module production line in the year 2011, achieved a CAGR of 80 percent in first 5 years and reached the current production capacity of 500 MW.” Many small, medium and large-scale projects have used Goldi modules and has garnered a good product recall value amongst its customers. Goldi customers include many PSUs, leading EPC companies, and module manufacturers.

Recent promotions by various governments for rooftop solar projects gave the company a renewed push to reach the masses. Goldi’s EPC division, having a professional team of engineers, reached out to rooftop solar customers in a timely manner. Brand penetration has seen a major boost after it reached the actual users of its products and services.

Mr. Ayushman Parashar, head of technology at Goldi Solar, added that the rapid developments happening at the company and technology front has enabled him to steer  R&D to incorporate innovation to develop new products and reduce the cost of manufacturing by micro-managing the quality parameters.

Having its offices across India – Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Lucknow – Goldi is planning to tap into unrepresented areas in the current financial year.

Goldi’s EPC arm has shown record progress in the rooftop solar segment for two years by adding 1,000+ customers in its portfolio. “Considering the potential for utility-scale projects in India, we are gearing up for the same. We are also exploring opportunities in the Middle East,” said Mr. Amit Trivedi, head of Goldi Solar’s EPC division.

Goldi Solar’s entire team is geared up to face the new challenges and has shown confidence in the management’s decision to take company to new heights. The team is prepared for the renewed life envisaged for the coming years. Incidentally ‘Renewed Life‘ is the new tagline of the company. “The motto is to infuse new life into all the departments of the company, which will pave the way towards complete corporatisation of Goldi Solar,” said Mr Brijesh Khanna, head of the corporate communications department of the company.


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