China Installs 24.4 GW of Solar in H1 2017

China further consolidated its topmost ranking as the largest installer of solar projects in the world by installing 24.4 GW of solar projects in the first half of 2017. With this cumulative installed capacity in China has crossed 100 GW.

There has been a marked increase in installation numbers compared to previous years. According to National Energy Administration (NEA), in 1H 2016, 22 GW of solar was installed; 2.4 GW less than the 24.4 GW in H1, 2017. Compared to H1, 2015, in which 7.7 GW of solar was installed the numbers have more than tripled.

Of the 24.4 GW installed in 1H, 2017, grid-connected solar projects accounted for 17.3 GW and distributed generation solar projects (off-grid, rooftop, and the like) account for 7.11 GW. There has been an increase in distributed generation solar projects in China. In 2016, distributed generation solar accounted for just 4.23 GW.

According to Asia Europe Clean Energy Advisory, demand in China going to into second half is a lot stronger due to the 5.5 GW Top Runner Program, which carries a deadline of September 30, 2017, and the Poverty Alleviation program (all year).