CEA Charts Transmission Infrastructure Plan for 4,950 MW of Wind Projects

The Central Electricity Authority (CEA) has formulated a plan for developing transmission system to accommodate wind energy aggregating 4,950 MW. The transmission system will be augmented in Gujarat and Tamil Nadu to accommodate wind energy capacity tendered by the Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI).

Per CEA’s minutes of meetings reviewed by Mercom, transmission system for evacuation of power from 4,000 MW of wind energy projects under SECI bids was discussed and it was agreed to hold a joint study meeting amongst CEA, Central Transmission Utility (CTU), Power Grid Corporation of India (PGCIL), Power System Operation Corporation (POSOCO) and Gujarat Energy Transmission Corporation Limited (GETCO) for further deliberations and finalization of the transmission system, taking into consideration the suggestions made by the members during the meeting.

A joint study meeting was convened in June 2018 and the transmission infrastructure for injection of power from 4,000 MW wind energy projects under SECI bids (Tranche I to IV) at Bhuj PS (by April 2020) was agreed upon.

Key Highlights of Proposed Transmission Development at Bhuj, Gujarat

  • In addition to under implementation 400/220 kV 2x500MVA and 765/400 kV 2x1500MVA interconnecting transformers (ICTs) at Bhuj, augmentation in transformation capacity would be required for evacuation of power from about 4,000 MW of wind projects under SECI bids (Tranche-I to IV); 6x500MVA 400/220kV ICTs and 2x1500MVA 765/400kV.
  • For any additional renewable energy injection at Bhuj PS (other than the above 4,000MW), 1x500MVA 400/220kV (9th) ICT would be required.
  • On account of space constraints at Bhuj PS, all future 220kV as well as 400kV line/ICT bays at Bhuj PS, need to be implemented as GIS.
  • Installation of additional 3x500MVA, 400/220kV ICTs along with 400kV AIS & 220kV AIS bays at a cost of ₹1,020 million (~$14.8 million).
  • Installation of additional 3x500MVA, 400/220kV ICTs along with 400kV GIS & 220kV AIS bays at a cost of ₹1,070 million (~$15.6 million).
  • Installation of additional 2x1500MVA, 765/400kV ICTs along with 765kV AIS & 400kV GIS bays at a cost of ₹1,470 million (~$21.5 million).

The above augmentation is required urgently for evacuation of power from 4,000 MW wind projects at Bhuj PS as the wind developers, who have been successful in SECI bids of Tranche I, II, III, and IV are scheduled to be commissioned by October 2018, May 2019, Nov 2019, and April 2020 respectively.

In the CEA meeting, it was also observed that successful bidders have opted for 950 MW injection at Tuticorin-II GIS pooling station. For evacuation of power installation of 1×500 MVA, (3rd) 400/230 kV ICT along with 400kV GIS & 230kV GIS bays at a cost of ₹370 million (~$5.3 million) has been proposed.

According to Mercom’s India Wind Tracker, Under Tranche-I, Mytrah, Green Infra, Inox Wind and Ostro Energy each are developing 250 MW. Under Tranche-II, ReNew Power, Inox Wind, Green Infra Wind Energy are developing 250 MW each, Orange Sironj Wind Power is developing 200 MW and Adani Green Energy is developing 50 MW. Under Tranche-III, ReNew Power is developing 400 MW, Inox Wind 200 MW, Green Infra Wind 300 MW, Torrent Power 499.80 MW, Adani Green Energy 250 MW, Alfanar 300 MW and Betam Wind Energy 50.20 MW. Under Tranche-IV, Srijan Energy Systems is developing 250 MW, Sprng Energy 300 MW, BLP Energy 285 MW, Betam Energy 200 MW, INOX Wind 100 MW, Adani Green Energy 300 MW, Mytrah Energy 300 MW and ReNew Power 265 MW.

Mercom recently reported that for the better implementation of renewable energy projects, especially wind and solar, SECI has written to the Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (PGCIL), the CTU of India that is responsible for transmission of electricity through Inter-State Transmission System (ISTS). In its letter, SECI provided PGCIL with tentative plans of tendering capacities under its programs for solar and hybrid projects up to 2021.

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