EPC Tender Issued for a 100 MW Solar Project in Bangladesh

The Export-Import Bank of India (EXIM Bank) has invited bids from Indian engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractors for a 100 MW solar project at Madarganj in the Jamalpur district of Bangladesh.

The project must be completed within 24 months from receiving the work order.

The last day to submit the bids is July 6, 2022. Bids will be opened on the same day.

Bidders must pay a non-refundable bid processing fee of ₹50,000 (~$643).

India’s Exim Bank has approved the financing of a project out of a line of credit extended to the Government of Bangladesh to finance developmental projects. A part of the line of credit will be utilized to construct the 100 MW solar project.

The scope of work includes EPC of 100 MW solar project and its facilities, including 33/132kV substation, internal road, drainage system, water supply system, and fire-fighting system. The scope of work also includes site preparation, land development construction of 6.5 kilometers embankment around the project, installation testing and commissioning of the project, and quality control and site inspections.

Two EPC contractors will be selected for two separate contracts. The first contact is for the EPC of the 100 MW solar project and its facilities, including sub-station, land development and embankment construction around the project boundary, landfill, and preliminary site preparations, including consolidation, leveling, grading, and necessary compaction of land. These works will be funded by the line of credit offered by India.

The second contact is for the EPC of a 132 kV double circuit transmission line of 50 km from the battery limit of the in-project switchyard up to the interconnection point at the Ghatail grid substation. This includes the complete work of bay extension and hooking up in both ends. The government of Bangladesh will fund this contract.

Bidders must have completed three similar works of $53 million each or 40 MW each, two similar works of $66 million each or 50 MW each, or one similar work of $105 million or 80 MW in the last seven years.

Bidders must have annual revenue of $44 million in any one of the last five financial years. They must have a positive adjusted net worth for each of the last five financial years and should have been profitable for at least two out of the last five financial years.

In October, the Bangladesh-China Renewable Energy Company invited bids for EPC of a 60 MW solar project on a turnkey basis at Pabna, Bangladesh.

Earlier, Rural Power Company, a Bangladesh state-owned rural electrification company, invited proposals from consultants to review the feasibility study conducted for a 100 MW solar project planned in Jamalpur, Bangladesh.