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The 3rd Renewable Energy India 2009 Expo held in New Delhi, India on Aug 10-12, 2009, had an impressive turnout from around the world. The event echoed the mood of the renewable energy industry in India, upbeat, yet uncertain. The participants were very excited about the future of renewable energies but were unsure about the effects of the global recession and the support the renewable energy sectors will receive from the Government of India.

Mr. Deepak Gupta, India’s Secretary for the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, commented, “The Government is likely to roll out a plan to add 20 GW solar-based power generation capacity by the year 2020. The solar mission has been approved in principle, now we have to work on the roll-out. Hopefully, we will go to the Cabinet in the next couple of months so we can roll-out the plan this calendar year.”

Indian companies are of the opinion that the investment interest in the industry is strong but government support is critical at this point. There were many Indian companies which commented that the demand in domestic markets for PV needed to be boosted rather than be dependent on the export markets.

There was a good showing of international companies looking to take part in the future of India’s renewable energy markets. The conference hosted pavilions for Germany and the U.S., and there was good attendance from companies representing China and Taiwan as well as a few other European countries. As expected, Solar was the predominant sector at the conference; however, representation of Wind companies was commendable.

From a regional perspective, Gujarat and Rajasthan were the two Indian states that stood out in their efforts to encourage the clean energy drive. Both of these state governments have laid out aggressive plans to bring clean energy to every household in their respective states.