Bringing together large power consumers and clean energy solution providers


Tamil Nadu offers ample solar rooftop and open-access power market opportunities. The state has immense potential with a large manufacturing base and offers a conducive business environment for renewable energy project developers. The third-largest city in Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore is one of the most industrialized cities in the state and textile capital of South India.


Coimbatore and its adjoining areas have a flourishing textile, rubber, food processing, metal, and other manufacturing industries offering an attractive market for solar, wind, and hybrid power consumption.


This July, Mercom India is hosting the ‘C&I Clean Energy Meet 2022’ in Coimbatore, bringing together multiple stakeholders on a single platform to discuss power requirements, cost benefits, challenges, opportunities, and solutions.


What makes the city attractive to clean energy solution providers is the gross metering facility of high-tension (HT) consumers with system capacities up to 999 kW with a feed-in tariff of ₹3.10 (~$0.042)/kWh for systems of capacities ranging 151 kW-999 kW. This facility has opened opportunities for many industries that are looking to switch to alternative sources of low-cost power that are also clean.


Join us to learn about the latest solar technologies, financing mechanisms, and regulatory provisions that can help your business save money while going green.


Who should attend?

  • Commercial and industrial consumers with high power demand who want to reduce the cost of their power while simultaneously going green
  • Green energy solution providers looking to connect with commercial and industrial consumers
  • Consultants, energy auditors, equipment and component manufacturers, lenders, investors, and associates
  • Facility and plant managers, c-level executives of C&I businesses, engineers, procurement managers, and decision-makers


Why should you attend?

Explore the optimum solutions for purchasing low-cost, reliable, clean power and learn how the energy market is evolving.


Detailed Agenda
will be Coming Soon..


Detailed Agenda
will be Coming Soon..




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